March 16th, 2001



This is the third time today my boss has asked for my time sheet. What does it mean when you're too busy to fill out your own timesheet so you can get paid?


What the fuck is going on! Argh! I come home today and Eric has some new PS2 game in his hand. I saw this game in the Fry's add today for $50. That's what about all the PS2 games are. That's not the issue though. The issue is this, how the fuck can he afford that stuff? He works 1 day a week, for 8 hours. He told me he's making $13 an hour, but still.

$13 x 8 hours = $104
$104 per week x 4 weeks = $416 per month

That's ALL he does. That's before taxes even! Our rent here is $350 a month! Plus utilites. He has to insure his car, buy food etc. Where the hell is all this money coming from. I suppose his mom is paying his rent for him or something. I wish my parents would pay rent on my apartment. I'd be living phat.