March 12th, 2001


Today @ the casino

I wake up about 8:30 and check with work to make sure it's still ok that I take the day off (I was never able to get ahold of Justin). It is, so I take off over to Grandma's to meet up with everyone. I get there at 9:35 and the house is dark. I knock on the door, nothing. Walk around the house, nothing. There are no cars in front or anything. I get on the deck and I see my grandma, she lets me in and tells me they already left. I call my uncle's cell phone and catch them. They turn off in Wilsonville and meet me in a parking lot. We all proceed together the hour or so drive it is to grande ronde. We gamble most of the day, I win some I loose some. Nothing huge.

We have the wonderful buffet lunch (which my dad bought for all 8 of us) and get back to gambling. We played mostly blackjack, which is a pretty simple game. It's interesting watching some of the dealers, because they really are on your side. They have nothing vested in whether the casino pays you $100 or if they take $5. So they feel bad when they deal you a bad hand which I find kind of ironic. All in all I lost $99.50 today. It would have been $100 but I found a fifty cent piece that I won with a blackjack.

As we're driving home my uncles decide that we should go to a strip club. So they call my dad on his cell phone and tell him to meet us at the Dolphin. So about 5:00pm we all roll into the dolphin and watch some dancers for about an hour. I had another beer, tipped some dancers and listened to loud music. This place is funny, there are only about 6 girls dancing (2 at a time on 2 stages). But once they get through a whole rotation they just start over. So the girls change outfits between "sets." It's like a new girl! Not really, but it's funny. Two songs per girl. Through the first song the girl just gets kind of naked, the second song she gets all the way naked. Really just a racket, that's it.

After that my uncles dropped by here to pick up a DVD to watch and then took off. Pretty exciting day. A fun time was had by all.


I forgot to mention, I feel really vindicated. Today, in some discussions with my uncles they made it abundantly clear that Eric moving out to move in with his friend's girlfriend is not a very smart move. I believe my uncle said something to effect of "One of two things is going to happen, either he's going to drive her nuts and she'll move, or she won't be getting enough dick and she'll move out. A couple months, I guarantee it." Haha :)