March 11th, 2001



My UK brethren just enlightened me as to what bollocks are.

bollocks are ya ballz mate :) ya know the thing between ya legs :) tis a uk saying


Looks like all of my uncles that are in town are going gambling at Spirit Mountain tomorrow. I need to get ahold of my boss and see if I can get the day off so I can go.


Eric officially told me today that he found an apartment with one of his good friend's girlfriend. So they'll be living together real soon. It's even the apartment that he wasn't really too fond of.

So the roommate hunt begins. If I can't find anyone in the next two months (when the lease is up) I'm going to have to move back home just until I can afford my house.


I don't know if I'm a bad roommate or if Eric just really wants to live in downtown. Seems like he's giving up a lot to live in downtown, it can't be that great.