March 4th, 2001



I bought some Colgate toothpaste at Target today. They had regular toothpaste for like $3, and toothpaste and a toothbrush for $3.50. Considering that most toothbrushes run about $3 anyway, I opted for the double pack.

Damn Laundry

You know what I hate about doing laundry? My stupid washing machine has a tendency to go crazy in the spin cycle. I'll be watching TV or something waiting for my laundry to get done and I'll hear the washing machine go crazy because all the clothes migrate to one side of the washing machine and it spins real fast and gets messed up. I never had this problem when I was living at home, what the hell. How hard would it be to make a washing machine that didn't do that? Come on. It's almost everytime I do laundry.

Usual Suspects

I went to Best Buy last night to spend the $20 gift "card" that I got for my birthday. I was gonna get Wonderboys to be like Chuck but they didn't have it in stock. I almost bought Searching for Bobby Fischer which is an excellent movie, but I think I'll order that online. I ended up getting The Usual Suspects which I've never seen before, but everyone assures me it was great. It was! One of those movies I'll have to watch a couple of times to get it all.

People smarter than me

Damn Anil is a pretty smart guy. It's often been my assertion that the world needs more smart and aware people. We should all strive to be like Anil. Now if I could just pick him out of a crowd, they all look alike you know.

Today so far

Things I've done today

  • Watch two episodes of the X-Files
  • Washed and dried two (working on three) loads of laundry
  • Ate breakfast (two bowls of cheerios)
  • Cleaned my bathtub
  • Replied to a lot of entries on LiveJournal
  • Called my mom about going over there for dinner tonight


Everytime you dry some clothes you have to check the lint trap and clean it out. The amount of lint I pull out of my lint trap makes me wonder how my clothes are still together.


Went to my parents for dinner... had a nice dinner. Discussed some options about my Hawaii vacation my parents gave me for Christmas. I may give it to my brother so he can take a friend and I'll go next year or something. Not really sure. Came home, did some more laundry, and watched Jackass.

I've found that if I fold the laundry as I pull it out of the dryer I get it done a lot faster. Otherwise it sits on my floor for weeks and weeks.


Crap! I wanted to get my taxes all prepared so I could drop them in the mail on the way to work tomorrow but I left the damn W2 forms at my parents house. Damn!


Do you ever stop and think that maybe when you look at something and wonder "Whatever happened, it never used to be like this?" and think whatever it is has changed? People, places, memories etc. Maybe you have changed. Maybe you should start taking more responsibility.