March 1st, 2001


Lego Desks

Yesterday at the company lunch they honored me for my good service in the IT department. I thought that was pretty cool. Gene mentioned something about a request I had made about a year and a half ago. So here I am standing up in front of the entire company and Gene is talking about some request I made a year and a half ago.

He punches a key on his powerpoint slideshow and up pops this. I always thought this was cool not just because of the desk, but because the company wanted to hire him so bad that they signed a lego desk into his contract. I want to be that valuable to a company. So anyway, they gave me the start to my lego desk.



Still at work. It's gonna be a long night. We have a lot of people to call. Lots of people's computers to reconfigure.


Three more pages of hand written calls left to call back and 35 more messages WAITING to be checked. *sigh*

Isaac is getting sassy!

The trick to cutting through them like butter is knowing that they are your bitches. And when they start to front, you have to smack 'em down and get them in the kitchen to make you a damn sandwich.

And when you fix their problem, you've gotta say, "That's right bitch. Who's your daddy?"