February 27th, 2001



I'm going through some shoutcast streams and this is the song that they're playing right now:

Beethoven - Fur Elise (techno remix)

Who the hell decided to make a techno remix of that?

Update: Sam Kinison - Anal Sex (Agent Cooper`s Cup of Joe) and SNL Cast - I`m the Only Gay Eskimo are playing also.


Do different gasoline brands really perform differently? Texaco has you believe that after just 5 tanks you'll see different performance from your car. Come on, there is no way. Or even better yet, does "super" actually make your car run better or what? I think it's all marketting, they all come out of the same damn hose anyway!

Roger and Me

Eric went down to the video store to rent Roger and Me. He has to write a paper on GM's practices for some class. I pulled out my old copy of Downsize This by Michael Moore and showed him that. He flipped through the book a little and it reminded me why I liked that book so much.

Update: That reminds me, I still need to see The Big One