February 25th, 2001


Too early

Well I got up about 9:30, but I wanted to sleep later. Eric is out in the living room watching tv and playing video games louder then he should be this early. Grrrrr

Empire Records

I forgot to mention that they finally announced Empire Records on DVD. Doesn't have a lot on it, but it looks like it's gonna be cheap. Kick ass.

Now the only other thing I can ask for is Branagh's Hamlet to come out on DVD. This movie/play is probably one of the most amazing pieces of cinema I've ever seen.

Gas Station Attendants

So I pull into Texaco to get gas and the attendant walks over and mutters something. So I just say "fill it with unleaded" and hand him my card. He proceeds to blab on on about something. I couldn't understand him at all, he sounded just like Brad Pitt in Snatch. All I got out of the entire conversation was that his boss was gone all week and he hoped he was in jail.


Off to my parents so I can get there a little early before the birthday festivities start. Wanna play some video games with my brother and get a start on my taxes so I know how to expect to pay.

Apple Sauce

My grandma makes the best apple sauce ever. So tonight at my birthday party I asked her if she'd teach me how to make it. So later this week I'm gonna go pick up a whole bunch of apples from the grocery store and we're gonna make apple sauce. I'm really looking forward to it.