February 24th, 2001


Art Museum

Of to downtown Portland to check out the Portland Art Museum. Should be fun... after that it's back here real quick to freshen up and then off to the company dinner at some fancy smancy country club. Should be interesting, I wanna see how many people I can get to buy me drinks!

Today so far

Went down to the art museum and saw the "Sultan" exhibit with Angie. It was really pretty cool, they had quite a range of different exhibits down there so I got to see quite a few things.

So far for my birthday I've received a really camera case, best buy gift card, Clerks Uncensored DVD, A Bronx Tale DVD, and I heard a couple of books are on order. Pretty sweet so far. I've got the company dinner tonight as well, should be decent.

Home from dinner

Just got home from the company dinner, it wasn't too bad. I wish the food was better, it was kind of blah. I must insist that anyone that serves a meal to anyone, please have NORMAL salad dressing. They had some weird soy sauce dressing, chicken something, and some other yellow concoction. If you want to be fancy, fine! At least have some normal ranch dressing or something!

It was interesting to see all these people outside of a work setting. The fact that alcohol was served definitely changed some people's attitude. There was some wild stuff going on. It was interesting to see who would flirt with who after they got a couple of drinks in them. All in all it was a decent party. I think I'm gonna hit the hay, I'm kind of beat.