February 20th, 2001



I think it's time I stop working and go have lunch. Have some chips, and maybe a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yum!

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Water, sleep, calcium, and potassium. Drink lots and lots of water. Take your body weight and drink about half of that in ounces a day. Also, get into a regular sleep pattern. If you can't get enough at night, try to take regular naps. I like to call them "cat naps." Also, drink a glass of milk and eat a banana a day. This should give you the calcium and potassium you need to keep twitching away. (All these things are crucial if you're prone to muscle cramps as well.) Also, stress can be a major factor. Try to schedule "personal" relaxation time...such as a soothing bath or a cup of warm (not hot) tea with lemon and honey while sitting by the fireplace or gazing out a window. Try to avoid sitting too closely to the TV or watching TV in the dark, as this causes strain on the eyes. When reading books, do so in a well-lit area, preferably with the light coming from behind. And this is the ultimate bummer for some of you, but staring at the computer monitor for too long of a period of time is damaging to the eyes. This causes major eye-strain. It also causes near-sightedness. You have to remember that our eyes were meant to be able to see far away as well as close-up...ancient people relied on the same eyes we have today to scour out into far distances in order to hunt for food, but in recent times, we've forced our eyes to not really see anything but a screen less than two feet away. This is why it's imperative that one glances away from the monitor every now and again to prevent myopia, and other such eye promblems. In recent times, we've forced our eyes to only see close distances when they are meant to see all around. Also, I recommend taking a multivitamin a day as well. This is wonderful because most people don't get adequate enough nutrition anymore, since most peoples lives are very active now days. Hope this helps some.


I just picked up some more sheets of lead for my dad. He likes making lead soldiers, must remind him of being a kid or something. Now I had lead dust all over my shirt.

Peacock Sex

If you're a peacock, and looking to get laid, evolution dictates that

A. if you have too small of a tail, you're not going to get mated with
B. if you have too large of a tail, you'll probably get killed and eaten before you get around to mating


U2 and Third World Debt

I'm at my parents and I was watching 60 Minutes II. They had an interesting clip on Bono from U2 and his crusade to end third world debt and help the third world nations in this world get their feet back on the ground and start helping their citizens. I think the world needs more celebrities like that, willing to use their fame to help out the world. After all the world has given U2 it's good to see them giving back to the people. If more people just gave a shit about what was going on in their neighborhoods and beyond the world would be a lot better place.