Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Ok now I'm upset. Why am I awake this early? I actually woke up about 10:00 but I didn't get out of bed until about 15 minutes ago. I went to bed at 4, and woke up way too early. I don't feel tired right now, but I can guarantee that I will later. This sucks.

I didn't get home till late because Brian, Matt, Angie and myself went to La Center and did a little bit of gambling last night. I lost $50 but it's no big deal, I was planning on it. You should never gamble unless you count on losing it all. If you walk up to a blackjack table expecting to win money you're screwed. Brian was the only one that one, but we all had fun. On the way back we stopped and picked up some Dunkin Donuts. Hell of an evening I'd say.

Angie and I are going to go to Woodburn today I guess, after that I don't know. I may go to my parents for dinner, or I may just crash early. We'll see.
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