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Scott Francis Baker

September 26th, 2000

(no subject) @ 02:29 pm

Had a nice "focus group" during my lunch hour today. I told them that I thought it was dumb that we had focus groups during our lunch hour. We babbled a whole lot, and nothing will probably get done. Still thinking about leaving, not 100% sure yet. Need to redo my resume and see what I can get.

After the meeting I drove Dave out to Woodburn to get his car. We had to go through Aurora I guess. We took all these back roads and drove through the country. I drove past this one gigantic field of just grass. Looked like a huge field where they would grow crops but they were growing grass. Aparently that's where they get the grass to make sod from.

He picked up his car and we drove back. Now I'm sitting here relaxing and reading Firing Squad.
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Scott Francis Baker