Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

I'm driving home and get to the second to last traffic light before I get home and I notice smoke coming from my car. I look down and my heat gauge is ALL the way to the top. Having been in this situation before (and totaled a car because of it) I pulled into the middle lane. I turned off the car and check the engine. Sure enough there is smoke pouring out. Smelled like coolant, and it was all in one area. I assumed I broke a hose.

So I have to trek across three lanes of traffic to get to a pay phone. I called my mom to get her AAA member number because I couldn't find mine. Half way through the conversation I found mine. I ended up calling AAA and telling them where I was at. The put a rush on the order because I was "blocking traffic" which I really wasn't. Whatever it takes to get quick service :)

So the tow truck guy comes about twenty minutes later (maybe 15) and tows me to my mechanic. I must say this tow truck driver was much nicer then ones I've had in the past. Most of them are not friendly, and don't talk to you. This guy was telling how he had to tow a 71 Chevy Nova that hit a tree going 80!

I get to the mechanic expecting to just leave it and a note for the morning. There was one mechanic left, and I told him the story. He grabbed some water and a pump and check the pressure right there on the spot. He pumped once and you could see the water come flying out of this one hose. Just about what I had expected.

He's going to call me in the morning and let me know what the price will be. Should be just a simple hose replacement. We'll know for sure tomorrow. I hope it's nothing more, because he was really busy and wanted to get out of there early tomorrow. I'd feel bad if he had to stay too long tomorrow.

That's my evening in a nutshell, pretty exciting huh?

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