Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

And a little wisdom for today:

"some people don't like it when i'm a hermit. some people don't like that i sometimes seem difficult or isolated. some people don't like that i have issues with some of their friends. some people don't feel that i'm proactive enough in my own happiness. some people take everything i say as a personal dig against them. some people don't see my path as meaningful. and some people push me to be something they don't even understand. some people don't think i'm laid back enough, or flexible enough, or upbeat enough most of the time. some people think i'm rude and unfriendly. some people like to pick apart the ways i am confused.

this is what you get. i do the best that i can as me and if you don't like it, go away. i'm always open to constructive criticism from friends, but judgments on how badly i live my life by those who are simply looking for clarification on their own can just leave me alone, really.

this was your public service announcement for today. YOU prevent forest fires!" - fonix

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