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Scott Francis Baker

July 10th, 2000

(no subject) @ 11:14 am

Hello all... Ok when I said I'd probably be online on Sunday that was assuming that the phone lines in my new appartment worked. Everything got all moved in great, it's a nice appartment. A couple quirks, but I really like it. Need to go get my TV tonight and get my DVD theater all setup. Anyway, neither of the phone jacks in the bedrooms work, so I can't even get online with my stupid slow old analog modem. So the only Internet I'll have for a while is here at work. I was going to sign up for DSL, but apparently Cable Modems are available in the complex, so I'll get that. They work with Linux a little better, and are cheaper. So fear not, I will be back online soon. It really sucks not being able to hop on the net.
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Scott Francis Baker